Methyl Tin Mercaptide                


bulletChemical Structure
bulletChemical Formula
(CH3)2Sn(SCH2COOC8H17-I)2  <20%
CH3Sn(SCH2COOC8H17-I)3 <80%
bulletMolecular Weight:

555.3972 <20%

743.6814 <80%


Cas No.:

57583-35-4 <20%

57583-34-3 <80%


Methyltin mercaptide PVC Heat Stabilizer
Methyltin isooctylmercaptoacetate stabilizers
Methyltin Heat Stabilizer;
Organotin Heat Stabilizer;
Methyltin mercaptide

bulletChemical Name

Dimethyltin bis(2-ethylhexyl mercaptoacetate) <20%

Methyltin tris(2-ethylhexyl mercaptoacetate) <80%

Color( Pt - Co value)
Viscosity(25℃), Pa·S


Special gravity( 25℃),
 g /cm3

1.17 - 1.19

Tin content( % )

19 ± 0.5
bulletPhysio-chemical Properties
Appearance: transparent oily liquid
Methyl Tin Mercaptide Heat Stabilizer (called 181 for short) is currently the plastic heat stabilizer with the most excellent performance, which is very effective for the rolling, extrusion, and injection molding of hard PVC. Due to its high safety, it is especially applicable to food packing and hard PVC products (such as transparent fake materials, plate materials and heat contracting membranes). Moreover, it has been widely applied to plastic doors and windows, water pipes, decorating materials, so as to replace other plastic heat stabilizers that has high toxicity. Therefore it has been widely used in USA, Europe, Japan. Over the recent years, 181 has been applied in a large quantity. Because 181's stability is much better than other organic tin stabilizer, the relevant products have better performance. So it has been widely welcomed by many large-scale PVC-processing enterprises, becoming the key adjuvant in the processing of hard PVC.
bulletToxicology Oral
 LD50 rat (Acute): 1.145 -1.840 mg/kg
[High Heat Stability]
According to the appraisal of the international authoritative organs, 181 Methyl Tin Mercaptide has the highest heat stability and best early-phase coloring among the organic tin heat stabilizers.
[Small Dosage]
At the same effect, 181 Methyl Tin Mercaptide enjoys small dosage, 15-20% less than butyl tin and octyl tin, with generally 0.8-1.5 shares.
[Reliable Safety]
Authorized by FDA for application as food packing materials with the maximal dosage of 2%.
[Excellent Performance]
PVC products using 181 Methyl Tin Mercaptide Heat Stabilizer enjoy high transparency and clean color shade.
Stored in a cool dry place.
At least 2 years
Packed in 220kg plastic pail or as per customers' requirments.
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