Ahnong EC                


Ahnong EC (Abamectin Beta-cypermecthrin) is developed to safeguard crops against mites that are easily resistant to normal insecticides. The field trials have proceeded to promote the miticide efficacy with advantages of high efficiency and immediate contact action to pest host. Indications for use: Foliar even spray.
bulletContent Assay
Abarmectin B 0.2%
Cypermecthrin 0.8%
bulletTargeted Insects
Tetranchus urticae;T.urticae
1. Do not mix with alkaloid pesticide.
2.It is toxic to shrimps and fish.
3.It should be kept in a dry cool place.
4.If it is taken by accident, medical care should be taken to prevent toxicological irritation or reaction.
250ml bottle and 40 bottle in one carton.
Kept in a tight-closed container, protected from light and stored  in a dry place.
bulletShelf Life
2 Years
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