Abamectin 2.0%                


bulletChemical Structure
bulletChemical Formula
bulletMolecular Weight:
B1a:872 B1b:858
bulletCas No.:
[71751-41-2] (abamectin); [65195-55-3] (i); [65195-56-4] (ii)
Pine worm killer, Intended for the prevention of bursaphelenchus xylophilus (pine wood nematode or Pine Wilt Nematode)
bulletActive Ingredient
Abamectin 2.0% trunk Injection contains 2% Abamectin active ingredient.
1. As the medical substance and the injection instruments are easy to handle, it is possible to improve work efficiency.
2. As a result of the quick internal absorption of the trunk, the time for application will be shortened.
3. The preventive efficacy is the most reliable because the active ingredients have prominent biological activity against bursaphelenchus xylophilus.
4. A single application is needed for its long existing validity terms in the trunk. In contrast to other medical substances, it has been proved that Avermectin B1 is not a costly and labor-consuming pesticide.
5. It is classified as a newly-developed biological pesticide and it has no negative effects on pine trees. Meanwhile, it metabolizes quickly in surroundings without residue.
bulletDue Course of Injection
The due course of injection is established 2 months before feathering-out period, that is, January to March of year.
It depends upon the diameter of the tree.
Diameter (cm)  Injection Volume (ml)
11-15 90
16-20  120
21-25  180
26-30 240
31-35 360
36-40 480
41-45 540
46-50 600
51-55 660



Notes: Beyond the recommended range above, the injection volume is determined depending on the set level of 750ml/m3.

bulletMethod of Application
●A downward leaning hole, which is 6 or 7 mm wide in diameter, 8 or 10 centimeters in depth and 1 meter high above the foot of the trunk, must be made. Do not inject at dead joints.
●After the removal of the head-plug of the container, insert the needle-like head into the hole cautiously without leakage. Tap the bottom lightly and make a small hole with the needle of an injector at the bottom to ensure gravity flow of the liquid along the hole wall.
●Upon the completion of injection, fill the hole with healing agent or a wooden plug.

●The product is not effective against trees with secreted pine gum and withering branches. The period suitable for injection is well defined.
●The inappropriate way is to apply the injection to replanted or newly rectified pines as of the weakness of growth. 
●If the volume is increasing to over 1 bottle of injection for one pine, several holes should be made respectively, which are distributed evenly around the trunk.
●The product can not be mixed with other preparations formulated on the basis of different technical materials.
●Injection should be carried out in a fine day.

bulletMaterial Safety Data Sheet
●In case of accidental swallow, induce vomiting at once and send the victim to the doctor's. Medical care should be taken immediately when a sense of discomfort is felt during long-term exposure.
●The product is radioactive against eyes. In case of eye contact, flush with a great deal of fresh water or take medical care immediately.
Prevented from fire and strong light irritation. Isolated from food and stored under low temperature
bulletExpiry Date
2 years.

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