3.6% Gibb-purine                


3.6% Gibb-purine is a high-efficiency plant growth regulator with the active ingredients of Gibbereline acid A4+7 and 6-BA. It is intended for fruits. The trial efficacy data indicate
growth promotion and size elongation.
Dark brown or light yellow phase-homogeneity liquid
18g A4+7/kg; 18g 6-BA/kg
bulletUsage & Functional Mechanism

It exhibits the most optimal effects when being sprayed during the primary period of the fruit taking its form at the 600-800 times concentration level. The second spray should be carried out 7 days after the first application.


1. Do not mix with acidic or alkali pesticides and prepare daily fresh solution.
2. It is better to spray at dawn or dark. In case of rain 6 hours after application, an additional spray is necessary.
3. Put out of children's reach. Avoid eye contact. In this case, rinse eyes with a great deal of fresh water and call the first aid center immediately.
4. Spray far away from lakes, streams and ponds to prevent water sources from being contaminated by pollutants.
5. Keep a certain distance between fire and the product. It should be stored at a dry cool place.
6. If there are visible sediments, shake well for normal use. The efficacy will not surrender any discount.

Kept in a tight-closed container, protected from light and stored  in a dry place.
bulletShelf Life
2 Years
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